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Cegedim Primary Care Solutions

Cegedim Primary Care Solutions

Vision 3

Vision Anywhere

DLM 790

Vision Anywhere 3.8 (Windows)

DLM 800

Vision Anywhere 3.8 (Android)

DLM 810

Vision Anywhere 3.8 (iOS)

DLM 820

Vision Anywhere 3.9 (Windows)

DLM 830

Vision Anywhere 3.9 (Android)

DLM 840

Vision Anywhere 3.9 (iOS)

DLM 850

Vision Anywhere 4.3 (Windows)

DLM 860

Vision Anywhere 4.3 (Android)

Vision Tasks

Vision Anywhere 4.3 (iOS)

Tasks (root)

Vision Anywhere 4.4 (Windows)

Tasks 1.8

Vision Anywhere 4.4 (Android)

Tasks 1.9

Vision Anywhere 4.4 (iOS)

Patient Services

Vision Anywhere 4.6 (Windows)

Patient Help

Vision Anywhere 4.6 (Android)

My Health Online (Wales)

Vision Anywhere 4.6 (iOS)

My Health Online Patient Help - English


My Health Online Patient Help - Welsh

Vision Appointments

Vision 3 Help Centres

Appointments (root)

App Controller

Appointments 2.3

Clinical Audit

Appointments 3.0

Consultation Manager

Appointments 3.1


Appointments 3.2

GP Communicator and Mail Gateway

Appointments 3.3

Front Screen

Vision Appointments Setup

Mail Manager

Appointments Set Up (root)

Management Tools

Appointments Set Up 2.3

Outcome Manager

Appointments Set Up 3.0

Patient Groups

Appointments Set Up 3.1

Patient Online Services

Appointments Set Up 3.2


Appointments Set Up 3.3

Registration Links

Appointments Reporting

Search & Reports

Appointments Reporting 1.3

Spine Services

Appointments Reporting 1.7

Appointments Reporting 1.8


Vision Data Hub


Shared Appointments Web Help


Clinical Portal Web Help (Includes Organisational Services)

Community (root)

Shared Access Web Help

Community 2.0

Patient Summary

Community 2.2

Shared Care

Community 2.3

Value Added Help Centres

Community 2.5

Seasonal Influenza Campaign

Formulary Management

Coronavirus Campaign


Pharmacy Help Centres


Pharmacy Manager


Pharmacy Intelligence Hub

Document Management

Pharmacy Services

Document Management

Pharmacy Display


Healthi Services Pharmacy


Heathi Services Optometry


Migrating to Pharmacy Manager