Assigning an Intervention

In order to assign an intervention to a member of staff:

  1. From the Caseload Management screen, choose the intervention that you wish to assign from the left of the screen.
  2. Drag and drop the intervention onto the caseload of the desired member of staff.
  3. The intervention will now be added to the staff member's individual caseload.

You can also assign an intervention to a member of staff by using the Options button on the intervention:

If you are about to assign an intervention to a member of the Community staff who is not scheduled to work at the time the intervention is scheduled for, the following message is displayed:

To avoid this, filter the staff that are visible on the Caseload Management screen to reflect the schedule of the interventions you wish to assign, see Filtering the Staff on Display

Note - If you wish to quickly move an intervention from one member of staff's caseload to another, simply drag the intervention directly onto the required member of staff's caseload.