Adding an Intervention to a Referral

Select the Add new intervention button on the Patient Referral form and complete the required fields in the New Intervention screen.

Each section is briefly discussed below. Select the links within each section to read about the section in greater detail.

Detail of Care

Select the Detail of Care to be provided during the intervention. See Detail of Care.

Main Aim of Care

Select the Main Aim of Care to be provided during the intervention. See Main Aim of Care.

Active From / Est. Duration

Schedule when the intervention will become active and it's estimated duration. See Active From/ Est. Duration


Enter how the intervention will be scheduled, e.g. will it be a stand-alone intervention or does it require recurrence? See Creating a Single/ Recurring Intervention.

Staff number

Specify enter the number of Community staff that will be required to complete the intervention. See Staff Number

Additional Details

You can also enter additional details concerning notes and whether the patient should be called before your arrival. See Additional Details

Note - A manual referral must contain an intervention before it can be accepted. There is no limit on the number of interventions that can be created.