Discharging a Patient & Resolving an Episode of Care

When a patient no longer requires the care of the Community nursing team, they must be discharged from the Community app and their Episode of Care must be resolved.

To do so:

  1. Open up the required patient's Episode of Care, see Opening an Episode of Care.
  2. Select the Discharge Patient button .
  3. The Resolve Episode of Care screen displays.

  1. Select an Outcome of Episode of Care.
    • Care Complete
    • Community Nursing Care Suspended/Transfered
    • Discharged to Other professional/Service
    • Patient Died
    • Incomplete - Declined Further Care
  2. Enter any additional text if necessary.
  3. Tick the box confirming that the data entered is correct at the time of referral.
  4. Select the Submit button.
  5. The Episode of Care is resolved and the patient is discharged from the Community app.

After a patient is discharged from the Community app, details of their discharge are available in the Patient Summary Screen, see Patient Summary Screen - Overview.