Printing your Individual Caseload

All members of the Community nursing team should print out their individual caseload at the start of their shift, before they visit any patients.

The printout provides staff with a way of manually recording their interventions as they complete them.

This ensures that staff can accurately record all contacts on interventions through the Community app when they return to the office. See Recording Contact on an Intervention.

To print your Individual Caseload:

  1. From the Individual Caseload screen select the Print button.
  2. Choose the printer you wish to send the document to.
  3. Select Print.
  4. The document is now available to print from the selected printer.

The printed version of the individual caseload contains:

  • The patient's name, address, post code and contact number.
  • The Detail of care of the intervention
  • Any additional notes that were added to the intervention when it was created.
  • The patient's referrer.
  • The patient's diagnosis.
  • A field to manually enter the start and end time of the contact.
  • An area to add notes.