Recording Contact on an Intervention

Shortly after or even during an intervention, Community staff should record the intervention on their printout of their Individual Caseload.

Community staff must also electronically record all action taken to complete an assigned intervention through the Community app. This is known as recording Contact on an intervention.

To record contact on an intervention:

  1. Select the intervention that you wish to record contact on from your Individual Caseload screen.
  2. Select the Open Selected button.
  3. The Episode of Care screen displays and the intervention that you wish to record contact on is selected.
  4. Select the Record Contact button .
  5. The Record contact screen displays

To ensure that you record all contact that you have carried out on an intervention in an accurate and efficient way, follow the guidelines provided below. Select the links to view each topic in greater detail.

Start date/ Start Time

Record the start date and start time of the contact. See Start Date/ Start Time

End Time/ Travel Time

Record the end time and travel time of the contact. See End Time and Travel Time

Method of Contact

Record the Method of Contact. See Method of Contact

Location of Contact

Record the Location of Contact. See Location of Contact

Linked Interventions

Select the intervention that you are recording contact on. See Linked Interventions.


Enter additional notes relating to the contact if required.

Conclusion of Contact

Record the Conclusion of Contact. See Conclusion of Contact

Save the Contact

After the details outlined above have been entered select the Save button . The contact is now saved and recorded.

All contact details can be viewed from the Patient Summary Screen, see Patient Summary Screen - Overview.