Accepting a Referral

When a referral is received, it can be accepted by a member of the Community nursing team with sufficient rights.

To accept a referral:

  1. From the Referral Inbox , select the required referral.
  2. Review the referral details and add any notes if necessary, see Adding a Note to a Referral.
  3. In the Approval section, change the status to Accept.
  4. Next choose the required Care Type
    • Planned
    • Unplanned
  5. Select the box to confirm that the data entered is correct at the time of referral.
  6. Select Submit.

  1. The referral is now accepted and is transferred to the Caseload Management screen where it can be assigned to a member of the Community nursing team. See Assigning an Intervention.
Note - A referral must contain at least one intervention before it can be accepted. If a referral is received without an intervention, an intervention must be manually added. See Adding an Intervention to a Referral. Only users with sufficient security rights will be able to manually add an intervention to a referral.