Rejecting a Referral

When a referral is received, it can be rejected by a member of the Community nursing team with sufficient rights or re-reffered to a Community district you have a sharing agreement with. See Re-referring to another Community District.

To reject a referral:

  1. From the Referral Inbox, select the required referral.
  2. Review the referral details.
  3. In the Approval section, change the status to Reject.
  4. Next choose the Reason for Rejection.
    • Inappropriate referral
    • Re-Referred
    • Other
  5. Select the box to confirm that the data entered is correct at the time of referral.
  6. Select Submit.

  1. The referral is now rejected.
Note - If you reject a referral that is sent through the Vision Tasks app, the rejection of the referral will be recorded in the activity log of the task. If you reject a referral sent through the TRAK system, no notifications will be issued.