Patient Care - Overview

The Patient Care screen contains all details of a patient who is receiving care from the Community team. Within the Patient Care screen, you can use the tabs and navigate to the following sections:


  • Demographics: From the Demographics tab, you can view and update all details relating to the patient's demographics. See Demographics Tab - Overview
  • Referrals: From the Referrals tab, you can view all details relating to the patient's referrer and access a more detailed view of all interventions. See Referrals Tab - Overview
  • Interventions: From the Interventions tab, you can manage and view all details relating to the patient's interventions. See Interventions Tab - Overview.
  • Care Forms: From the Care Forms tab, you can record data relating to the patient's care. See Care Forms Tab - Overview.
  • Reminders: From the Reminders tab, you can view tasks that need be completed for the patient. See Reminders Tab - Overview.
  • Timeline: From the Timeline tab, you can view a full historical record of all care received by the patient from the Community Team. See