Referral Inbox - Overview

When a patient is referred to the care of the Community Team, a referral is generated and sent to the Referral Inbox .

A member of the Community Team must accept or reject the referral before it can be processed any further. See Accepting a Referral, Rejecting a Referral .

Referrals display in the Referral Inbox on the on the left hand pane, in the order below:

  • Newest referrals first, continuing down to the oldest referrals

  • Draft referrals are displayed next, see Saving a Draft Referral.

Please note that you may need to scroll down to see all referrals. It is also possible to filter and sort the referrals that are displayed in the Referral Inbox, see Filtering Referrals, Sorting Referrals.

Note - Referrals can also be manually created by Community staff with necessary rights. See Create Referral - Overview