Assigning Interventions

To assign an intervention to a team member, you can either:

  • Drag and Drop the intervention:

    1. From the Caseload Management screen, find the intervention to assign from the list on the left-hand side.

    2. Drag and drop the intervention onto the caseload of the team member required.
  • The intervention now displays on the caseload of the team member.

    Training Tip - You can quickly and easily move an intervention from one team member to another by dragging and dropping it on to the new recipients caseload.


  • Select from the Menu:

    1. From the intervention required, select Options - Assign to.

    2. Select the member of the team to assign this intervention to:

If you try to assign an intervention to a member of the team who is not scheduled to work at the time the intervention is scheduled for, a warning displays:

You can filter the team members offered to display only those that are available on any given day, see Filtering the Staff on Display for details.

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