Recording Contact on an Intervention

To record contact on an intervention through the Individual Caseload screen:

  1. Hover over the intervention that you wish to record contact on.
  2. Select Options in the upper-right corner of the selected intervention.
  3. Select Record Contact.

  1. The Create a contact screen displays:

Start date/ Start Time

Record the start date and start time of the contact. See Start Date/ Start Time

End Time/Travel Time

Record the end time and travel time of the contact. See End Time and Travel Time

Method of Contact

Record the Method of Contact. See Method of Contact

Location of Contact

Record the Location of Contact. See Location of Contact

Linked Interventions

Select the intervention that you are recording contact on. See Linked Interventions.

Recording Patient Related Activity

When completing an intervention, you may find that you have carried out additional activities in order to discharge the intervention. These tasks should be recorded as Patient related activity. See Recording Patient Related Activity.


Enter additional notes relating to the contact if required.

Conclusion of Contact

Record the Conclusion of Contact. See Conclusion of Contact

Save the Contact

After the details outlined above have been entered Select Save . The contact is now saved and recorded.

All contact details can be viewed in the Referrals tab within the Patient Care screen. See Referrals Tab - Overview.