CMS (Serial Prescribing) Prescribing

CMS (Serial Prescribing) prescribing has all the attributes expected of a repeat item with the addition of a medication term, which specifies the total duration of the CMS (Serial Prescribing) item, and a Dispensing Frequency, which defines the period between dispensing events. The prescribing process is as follows:

  • The GP creates a CMS (Serial Prescribing) item with medication term and dispensing frequency specified.
  • The GP selects the CMS (Serial Prescribing) items to be printed.
  • The GP prints the prescription and a message is sent to the ePharmacy store detailing the CMS (Serial Prescribing) items.
  • The CMS (Serial Prescribing) GP10 is given to the patient.
  • The patient takes the GP10 to the CP where they are registered.
  • The CP scans the GP10 and the CMS (Serial Prescribing) message is retrieved from the ePharmacy message store.
  • Medication can now be dispensed, Dispensing information can be retrieved by the GP practice after the CP has claimed for items dispensed.