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Questionnaires via SMS

From SMS templates in Vision + Reporting, an SMS message template can be configured to ask your patient a question that they can reply to. Each reply is mapped to a Read code that will be filed into the patient’s record.

For example, if you send an SMS message to a patient asking:

'Please assist us in updating your records If you have never smoked, reply 1, If you are an ex-smoker, reply 2, If you are a current smoker, reply 3'

  • If the patient replies with an SMS message of 1: the patients record is updated on receipt of the SMS reply with the Read code 1371, the comments of the entry contain the text "patient SMS response".

What you need to do...

To enable your patient to be able to reply to a Questionnaire sent via SMS you need to configure the following from Vision+ .

Step 1

Step 2

See also Sending Questionnaires Via SMS and Viewing Incoming SMS Messages.

In this section

Step 1 - Configure SMS Settings for Reply to Questionnaire

Step 2 - Add New SMS Template for Questionnaire

Sending Questionnaires Via SMS

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