Priority Update Introduction

Priority Update enables you to change medical history priorities for a selected group of patients to a single priority, for example, change all Asthma diagnosis entries to a priority 1.

Please note:

  • Once the priority update runs, you cannot undo this.
    Individual records would have to be accessed and edited.
  • Changing priorities may affect the results obtained by data extracts or 3rd party products which use Vision clinical data.
    Also, existing Consultation Manager filters, reports and merged template letters could be affected.
  • Priority Update only applies to medical history entries.
    Structured Data Area (SDA) forms, for example, blood pressure does not have a priority option.
  • All updates to priorities are recorded in the Vision audit trail.
    This is accessible from Consultation Manager when you right click on the medical history and select Audit Trail.
  • All updates are recorded in Event Log – Other Events.
    Details recorded include date, time, user, workstation name, the from and to priority.