Formulary Import

  1. Save the new Formulary file to p:\extract.
  2. From the Vision main menu select Utilities > Read Formulary.

    The Populate Read Formulary view displays.

  3. Select File > Import Formulary.
    The p:\extract directory displays.
  4. Browse to select the formulary file to be imported.
  5. Select OK.
    An alert displays "The import may completely replace your current formulary items, or you may choose to add the imported items to your existing formulary.
    Please select option:- Add/Replace

    You have a choice of Add or Replace.
    • Add - Maintains your existing formulary and adds any items not already in your formulary.
    • Replace - Deletes your current formulary and replaces it with the new formulary.

    Choose the appropriate option and select OK:

  6. A confirmation message displays:
    • If you selected Add: The new formulary items will be added to your existing formulary. This may take several minutes. Do you wish to proceed?
    • If you selected Replace: Your existing formulary will be deleted and replaced with the new formulary items. This may take several minutes. Do you wish to proceed?
  7. Select Yes to proceed.
    On completion a message "Updating of the formulary completed successfully" displays.
  8. Select OK to finish.
Note - The Formulary Import will not proceed if the version of Read dictionary installed is older than the version used to create the new formulary.