Daily Status Summary

The Daily Status Report enables you to monitor the status of your Registration Links transactions:

From the Vision 3 front screen, select Messaging - Registration Links .

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the first screen displayed is the Daily Status Report. This screen reminds you if any quarterly archives are due for the selected TP, and if so, they must be run. It also reminds you of any patient records of deducted patients outstanding that should be sent to the TP.

The Daily Status Report is made up of the following:

  • TP - Enables you to select the appropriate TP if you are linked to more than one.
  • Quarter Archive due - Carry out the archive if due, see Quarterly Archive.
  • Quarter End Date - The end date of the quarter just closed.
  • Close Quarter Transaction received - This is sent by the TP to let you know the previous quarter is now closed, and that you can carry out a quarterly archive.
  • Outstanding Transactions - These are outstanding transactions that need to be cleared in Incoming Transactions before an archive can be carried out, see Clear Outstanding transactions before archive.
  • Medical Records outstanding – These two warnings are not related to the archive, but are a reminder (FP22) that the TP is waiting for records of deducted patients from you.

    'At least one patient exists for the selected TP with the Medical Record flag set for more than 14 days for which no date is stored, indicating that the patient's Medical Records were forwarded to the TP.'

    Solution Records Requested by TP is ticked but Date Records Sent to TP is blank: ie, the patient has been removed, the TP has sent a MRF transaction – Records Requested by TP - but you have not responded, ie there is no date in Date Recordssent to TP, so they assume you have not sent them the records yet. To find the patient, run the report Medical Records not sent to TP in Registration - Action. Highlight the patient, Edit, then in the Other tab, enter a date in Date Records sentto TP. Send the records off to the TP.

    'At least one patient exists for the selected TP with the Medical Record flag set for which more than 14 days have passed since the date entered by the Practice, indicating that the records have been forwarded to the TP.'

    Solution – The patient has been removed. You have entered a date in Date Records Sent to TP (more than 14 days ago) and sent the records off. But the HA don't seem to have received them – if they had, they would have removed the Medical Records flag. In Registration – Action, run the report Medical Records not received byTP. Check you have actually sent their records off. If there's a suspicion they have been lost in the post, contact your HA.

Close the Daily Status Report by selecting Close. You can re-open it at any time from the Utilities menu – Daily Status.

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