Navigating the Search and Report Screen

Open Search and Reports from the main menu.

The main search options display on the left, expand the appropriate green heading, for example, Ad-Hoc Search and Reports, to view historical searches or create a new search.

Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or exported in various formats.

All the standard reports have Save and Save As buttons so you can re-run searches and amend them to different versions, this can be very useful when you are running similar searches for different CCG / Health Board or GPs.

Ad-hoc searches

These are user defined searches created by the practice or imported.
Searches can be based on either the whole patient database or a selection of patients, for example, age / chronic disease / registration status.

Managing Searches

There are 3 sections on the right hand side:

  • Search Folders
    Commonly used searches can be saved to a named folder.
    The folder can also contain a batch of searches to be run together, these can also be scheduled.
  • Scheduled Searches
    Any Searches batched together and scheduled to run within the next 24 hours.
    See - Creating Search Folders / Batches and Scheduling Reports.
  • Import and Export
    Vision also includes the option to import and export searches.
    Searches can be imported from Predefined Searches, CCG / Health Board or local practices.