Creating a Search

These are the basic steps to creating an ad-hoc search.

  1. Open Search and Reports
  2. Select the Ad-hoc search button from the toolbar.
    The SEARCH: New Search screen displays.
  3. Optionally, double click in the Group Input box to select a patient group to base the search on, for example, all diabetics.
    The group could be from Clinical Audit, patient groups or created from a previous search.
    See - Selecting a Group.
  4. Enter the Search Details, for example, permanent and applied patients and Systolic Blood Pressure over 150.
    • Define patient selection
      Choose to search on all patients or for example, permanent and applied. See - Patient Details.
    • Add entity
      Select the data categories you want to search on, for example, blood pressure. See - Add Entity.
    • Add further entities as required
      For example, add the weight entity to the blood pressure search to find patients with a high BMI.
    • Options
      This can be used to define include / exclude patients with certain criteria. For example, exclude patients with a current repeat medication in a specific drug class. See - Include / Exclude Options.
  5. Refine the Report Details.
    • Add entity
      This includes additional information on the report, for example, medication. See - Report Details.
    • Matches
      Define whether to look at the latest entry, for example, only the patient's last blood pressure. See - Matches.
  6. Optionally, double click in the Group Output box to save the results as a patient group.
    This allows you to use the group in a future search or generate letters / recalls.
  7. Choose the Report Output.
    Define view, printed report or export the data. See - Report Output Overview.
  8. Select Run to generate the search.
  9. If required, select Save to save the search for future use.

Menu Options


  • Save and Save As - Save the report, or Save As to save under a different name.
  • Report on Last Search - If you have run a search, and want now to use a different report format, use this option rather than reprocessing the search.
  • Exit - Return to the Search and Report menu without saving any criteria.


  • Search Details - The menu options of Add Entity, Remove Entity, Selections, Include/Exclude Options, Show Entity, Show Attribute or Show Criteria.
  • Report Output - For Summary or Standard report outputs, you can Edit Report Format.
  • Report Details - Shows the menu options of Add Entity, Remove Entity, or Options.

Remove Entity and Options are greyed out unless an entity is selected.


  • Age Bands - Define the age band groupings. See - Age Bands.


How to Create a Basic Search (2.15)

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