Scheduling Reports

Searches and reports can be scheduled to run at any time within the next 24 hours. You can schedule these individually, or make several reports and searches into a batch and schedule the batch.

Searches run in the order in which they appear on the schedule, therefore the output group of an earlier search can become the input group of a later one.

The Schedule part of the Search and Reports screen is in the middle of the right section.

  1. Add searches and reports to the schedule:
    • Right click on a search, in the left-hand column, or batch heading, and select Schedule.
    • Or drag and drop an individual search in to the Schedule section.

      Note – You can only include searches where the Report Output is either a printable report (ie Summary, Standard, Detailed or Age/Sex) or an export option. Searches with output Count or View cannot be scheduled.

  2. Then select the Clock button to launch the Scheduler.

  3. Either select Go to start immediately, or enter a start time as hh:mm, ie 16:00 for 4pm, then click on Go to schedule.

    Vision must remain open with the scheduler left running on the screen, and a countdown to the search start time displays.

    You can interrupt the countdown using the Stop button.

    Note - Searches can only be scheduled a maximum of 24 hours ahead.

    If an incorrect time is entered, a message displays.

  4. Once the searches have generated, either a green tick if successful, or a red cross if unsuccessful display.

  5. Press F5 to return to the front Search and Reports screen.
    The view refreshes with the report status.

Remove or Clear schedule

To remove individual lines, right click and select Remove.

Or select the Clear Schedule button on the toolbar to remove all items.