Home Screen Overview

Vision Shared Appointments Home screen.

From here you can:

Vision Shared Appointments Overview

  • V360Appts_person_red_full_20 Patient's Appointments - Displays the appointments booked for the patient, you can also book new appointments and manage existing bookings.

    See Patient's Appointments View for more information.
  • V360Appts_user_blue_20 Clinician List - Displays appointments by clinician/clinic including appointment comments.

    See Clinicians List Overview for more information.
  • V360Appts_user_blue_20 Reception - Displays multiple clinician/clinic books.

    See Reception View for more information.
  • V360Appts_clipboard_blank_20 Clipboard - Allows you to move bookings, the number in brackets indicates the count of appointments on the clipboard.

    See Clipboard Overview for more information.
  • V360Appts_star_yellow_20 Special Bookings - Allows you to book appointments for temporary/non-registered patients or 3rd parties.

    See Special Bookings View for more information.
  • V360Appts_fire_alarm_20 Evacuation Report - Prints the emergency evacuation report.

    See Print Evacuation Report for more information.
  • V360Appts_printer_20 Print - Displays the Print Full Appointment List screen allowing you to specify which data to include and exclude in the printed list of appointments.

    See Print Full Appointment List for more information.

When a patient is selected, the Patient's Appointments view displays by default.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.