Sending SMS Reminders

When booking an appointment, you can send a SMS reminder to a patient.

  1. Select the patient to make an appointment, the Appointment Information view displays.
    This has two additional fields:
    • SMS Reminder
    • Contact

  2. From the SMS Reminder drop-down choose the status.
    • Don't Send a reminder
    • Send a reminder (please ensure patient consents)

  3. If the patient consents to an SMS Reminder, enter the patient's mobile number into the Contact box.

    Alternatively, if the patient already has a number stored, confirm the number and select from the drop-down list.

  4. Select OK to finish.
    The patient receives an SMS Reminder as confirmation of booking and 24 hours before their appointment.

    The At: XXXXX is taken from the session heading in your Appointments book.

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