Appointments Back up

To enable the back up of Appointments to a local drive you must first configure your remote desktop connection to allow access. You can then configure the Vision 3 Appointments module to back up to a local computer for business continuity purposes.

The back up is usually enabled on two computers, for example, main reception and Practice or Reception Manager.

To configure the remote desktop to access the local drive

  1. From the main Windows screen, right click on the Remote Desktop icon and select Edit.
    The Remote Desktop Connection screen displays.
  2. Select the Local Resources tab.
  3. In the Local devices and resources section, select More.

  4. Select Drives.

  5. Select the General tab and choose Save As.
    The file name Remote Vision.rdp displays.
  6. Select Save.
  7. You are prompted to replace the existing file, select Yes.

Create a new folder on your drive C

This will be the location of the pAppointments Backup file.

  1. From the Windows menu choose File explorer.
  2. Right click on Local Disk (C):
  3. From the menu choose New > Folder.
  4. Enter a name in the New Folder box, for example, BackUp.
  5. Press Return on your keyboard.
    The new directory saves under the Drive C.

Activate the Appointments back up

  1. Login in to Vision 3 from the computer you have configured above.
  2. From Appointments > Maintenance > System Constants, select the Backup tab.
  3. Complete the Backup tab as follows:
  • From this workstation – Select the check box.
  • Interval – Set to 15 minutes.
    It is also recommended to have this on a second computer, for example, the Practice or Reception Manager, set the interval to 59 minutes.
Note - The Appointment backups should not run at the same time.
  • File name – Change to \\tsclient\c\BackUp\appt_bak.txt
  • Backup days after today – Select how many days ahead you wish to backup, this ranges from 1-10 days, the recommendation being one day on the main computer and three days on the second computer.
  1. Select OK to save and close.
  2. If you browse to the C:\BackUp on the local computer, the appt_bak.txt is available.
    Optionally, right click on the file and choose Create shortcut, this can be placed on the desktop for easy access.
Note - Vision 3 Appointments must be open for the back up to take place.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.