Extending the Books

Extend Books is used to generate Appointment Slots, this controls how far ahead appointments are available for booking in each appointment book. .

Note - Extending the books does not require exclusive access.

If Book owners use multiple plans you first need to check that the correct plan is in the Planner.

Checking the Planner

  1. Select Book > Planner.
  2. Choose the Book Owner from the drop-down list.
  3. Make sure the correct plan is alongside the appropriate week. If not, choose the plan from the drop-down list and select the appropriate week.

Extend Books

  1. Choose Books > Extend Books.
  2. You may be warned that All forms must be closed - select Yes to continue.
  3. Select the book(s) required or you check the All Books option.
  4. Select Extend. The Appointments Generator pop-up displays the progress.
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