Clinicians List View

To open the Clinician List view.

  1. Select the Clinician List V360Appts_user_blue_20 button.

    The Clinician List view displays.

  2. Use the Calendar button to change dates.
  3. Select a clinician from the drop down list to view the required book.

  • Slot Type - The colour (as defined in Vision 3) displays in the first column.
    Note - Slots with an inactive slot type are shown as black.
  • Time - of Appointment.
  • Patient - Patient Surname, Forename and title.
    The appointment status displays alongside, see - Patient Status.
  • DoB - Date of birth.
  • Slot Type - Name of the slot type.
  • Comment - Any notes made in the Appointment Information booking screen.
  • Arrived - Patient arrival time.
  • Wait Time - The time between the appointment start and consultation start times.
    The value is minus until the appointment is due to start.
Note - For this release of Shared Appointments, if an appointment duration has been extended, it does not display in the Clinician List view.

Managing Appointments Buttons

Selecting an appointment activates the buttons to manage the appointment:

  • - Cancel appointment(s)
    See - Cancelling Appointments and Cancel Multiple Appointments.
  • - Move appointment(s) to clipboard
    See - Moving Appointments.
  • - Change Slot Type
    See - Change Slot Types.
  • - Call patient - Calls the patient to the consulting room and sets the appointment status to 'In consultation'.
  • V360Appts_stop_20 - End appointment - Manually sets the appointment status to Seen and records the end time. This can be used to end the final appointment of the session.
See - Patient Status for details of the appointments status.


Events are set up in Vision 3, and display as white bands across the width of the session.

Events can block off the clinicians appointments as unavailable, for example, a public holiday.

Alternatively, they can be added and leave the appointments still available.

For further information on creating events see - Vision 3 Appointments - Events.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.