Patient's Appointments View

In the Patient's Appointments view you can:

  • View all appointments for a selected patient
  • Book new appointments
  • Edit existing appointments
  • Cancel appointments
  • Check patients in

To open the Patient's Appointments view.

Select a patient, or if you already have an active patient, select the Patient's Appointments V360Appts_person_red_full_20 button.
The view displays.

Patient Banner

The Patient Banner displays the patient's surname, forename, title, date of birth, and address.

  • Select Patient - opens a patient and automatically deselects the active patient. See - Select a Patient.
  • Close Patient - manually deselects the active patient.

Booked Appointments

The Booked Appointments section displays all future appointments for the selected patient, it also lets you view the appointment history and DNAs.

To view the patient's past and future appointments, select View all, apply date filters and select search.

The default date range is today +3 months and the maximum range is 2 years.

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