Reception View

The Reception view displays appointments sessions on a specified date for all or a selection of clinicians/clinics per organisation.

In this view you can:

To open Reception view.

  1. Select the Reception V360Appts_user_blue_20 button.
    The view displays.
  2. Select from the Organisation from the drop-down list.
  3. Use the No of Clinicians drop-down list to set the number of columns.
  4. Select the clinicians/clinics from the View drop-down list.

Note - Vision 3 users can only see the names of patients who are registered at their practice, all other patients display as BOOKED.

Managing Appointments

Select an appointment to activate the management options.

  • - Refresh - Manually refresh the Reception view.
    Auto refresh occurs every 5 minutes.
  • - Make booking - Select a free slot, and click button to book.
    See - Booking Appointments.
  • - View/edit appointment details - Opens the Booking Form.
    See - Editing Appointments.
  • - Cancel appointment - Cancels the selected appointment(s).
    See - Cancelling Appointments.
  • - Clipboard - Moves the selected appointment(s) to the Clipboard.
    See - Move Appointment to Clipboard.
  • - Hold slot(s) - Holds selected slots and prevents other users from booking them.
    See - Holding Slots.
  • - Release slot(s) - Releases held slots. You can only release slots that you have held.
    See - Releasing Held Slots.
  • - Change Slot Type - Opens the Change Slot Type screen.
    See - Change Slot Types.
  • - Cut appointment - Cuts the selected appointment.
    See - Moving Appointments.
  • - Paste appointment - Pastes the cut appointment into the selected slot.

Session Details

Each Clinician/Clinic session displays the following columns:

  • Session Name and Duration
  • Time
  • Slot Type - The slot type colour displays in the second column.
    Select the Change Slot Type button to change.
    See - Change Slot Types.
    Note - Slots with an inactive slot type are shown as black.
  • Patient - Patient's surname, forename, title and date of birth.
  • Appointment Status
    See - Patient Status.
Note - Double-click an empty slot to book an appointment.
Note - Double-click a booked slot to check the patient in.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.