Reception View

The Reception view displays appointments sessions on a specified date for all or selected clinicians/clinics per organisation.

In this view you can:

To open Reception view.

  1. Select the Reception V360Appts_user_blue_20 button.
    The view displays.
  2. Select from the Organisation from the dropdown.
  3. Use the No of Clinicians dropdown to set the number of columns.
  4. Select the clinicians/clinics from the View dropdown.

Note - Vision 3 users can only see the names of patients who are registered at their practice, all other patients display as BOOKED.

Managing Appointments

Selecting an appointment activates the buttons to manage appointments.

  • - Refresh - Manually refresh the Reception view.
    Auto refresh occurs every 5 minutes.
  • - Make booking - Select a free slot, and click button to book.
    See - Booking an Appointment - Reception View.
  • - View/edit appointment details - Opens the Booking Form.
    See - Edit an Appointment.
  • - Cancel appointment - Cancels the selected appointment(s).
    See - Cancel an Appointment.
  • - Clipboard - Moves the selected appointment(s) to the Clipboard.
    See - Move Item to Clipboard.
  • - Hold slot(s) - Holds selected slots and prevents other users from booking them.
    See - Holding Slots.
  • - Release slot(s) - Releases held slots. You can only release slots that you have held.
    See - Releasing Held Slots.
  • - Change Slot Type - Opens the Change Slot Type screen.
    See - Change Slot Types.
  • - Cut appointment - Cuts the selected appointment.
    See - Moving an Appointment.
  • - Paste appointment - Pastes the cut appointment into the selected slot.

Session Details

Each Clinician/Clinic session displays the following columns:

  • Session Name and Duration
  • Time
  • Slot Type - The slot type colour is displayed in the second column.
    Click the Change Slot Type button to change.
    See - Change Slot Types.
    Note - Slots with an inactive slot type are shown as black.
  • Patient - Patient's surname, forename, title and date of birth.
  • Appointment Status
    See - Patient Status.
Note - Double-click an empty slot to book an appointment.
Double-click a booked slot to check the patient in.