Appointment Booking Form

The Appointment Information booking form allows you to create, view and edit booking details. This displays when booking and editing an appointment.

Making an Appointment

  1. Select the Make Booking V360Appts_calendar_pencil_16 button in Reception, Patient's Appointment, Clipboard or Special Booking view.
    See - Booking Appointments, Book an Appointment - Patients ViewBook an Appointment - Patients View, Clipboard Overview or Special Bookings View.
  2. Select a patient. See - Select a Patient.
    The booking form displays.
  3. The Booking Form contains:

  • Date - The appointment date.
  • Start Time - The appointment time.
  • Expected Duration - The duration of the booking - this can be amended.
    See - Extending an Appointment Duration and Overrun Slots Warning.
    Note - Increased duration of an appointment does not display in the clinician view.
  • Booking Information - How/why the booking was made - the drop-down list is defined in Vision 3. (Optional)
  • Comment - Any additional information about the appointment. (Optional)
  • SMS Reminder - Consent status for SMS reminders.
  • Contact - Number to be used for SMS reminders.
  • Carers - Lists all carers the patient has. Displays name and also the NHS number if the carer is a patient at the same practice.
  • Patients Cared For - Lists all patients (registered at the same practice) that this patient cares for. Displays surname, forename and NHS number.
  • OK & Print - Confirms the booking and prints an appointment label for the patient.
  • OK - Confirms the booking.

Editing an Appointment

Select the Edit Booking V360Appts_pencil_16 button in Reception, Special Booking or Patient's Appointments view.
See - Editing Appointments.

The additional fields are:

  • Appointment Status - Booked, Arrived, In consultation, Seen or DNA.
  • Revert - Reverts the appointment status from 'Arrived' to 'Booked' or from 'In Consultation' to 'Arrived'.
  • Arrived in Surgery - Patient arrival time.
  • Start Consultation - Time consultation commenced.
  • End Consultation - Time consultation ended.
  • Actual Duration - The length of consultation.
  • Waiting Time - The amount of time between the patient's appointment time and consultation start time.
  • Booking Information - The date and time of booking and the user.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.