Book an Appointment - Patients View

  1. Select the Select Patient button. See - Select a Patient.
    The Patient's Appointment view displays.
  2. The Book a new appointment section at the lower part of the screen shows the next available appointments.

  3. Optionally, use the filters to refine the appointments.
    Or select the Find Slots drop-down to display a list of saved slot searches and select the search you want to run. See - Create Free Slot Search.

      Available filters:

      Date period - select the box to display options

        • Next 48 hours (default)
        • This week
        • Next week
        • This month
        • Next month
        • Specific date - Opens the calendar.
        • Date range - Opens the calendar.


        • Any (default)
        • Select a specific day(s).

      Time of day

        • Any (default)
        • Select AM or PM
    • Gender - The clinician's gender, choose from:

        • Any (default)
        • Select Male or Female

      Additional options

        • Organisation - Location of appointment.
        • Slot Type - All active slot types. (Default - all)
          Multiple select is available.  
        • Viewable Only - This hides slots that are marked as non-viewable.
        • Session Type - The active session types. (Default - all)
          Multiple select is available.
        • Clinician/Clinic - The clinicians/clinics for the selected organisation. (Default - all)
          Multiple select is available.
  4. Select the Find Slots button.
    The list of available slots displays. This is ordered by date and time ascending, if you select another column to sort by, this is applied as a secondary sort.
    Note - If the number of matching slots exceeds 50, the following message displays: 'There are more than 50 available slots – the first 50 only are listed here'.
  5. To book, select the Make booking button or double-click the slot.
    Note - You can book inactive slots - these are shown with a black slot type.

    The Appointment Information booking screen opens:

    Note - In a shared care setting, appointments for patients who are registered at an EMIS practice and no sharing agreement exists, are booked as special bookings with demographic information populated.
  6. Optionally, update the booking form:
      • Extend the duration.
      • Record booking information via the drop-down list.
      • Add comments relating to the appointment.
      • Add SMS Reminder consent status via the drop-down list.
      • Add Contact number for SMS reminders.
  7. Select OK to finish or select OK & Print to issue an appointment card.
    A booking confirmation message displays:
See Patient's Appointments View for more information.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.