Booking Appointments

  1. Select the Reception V360Appts_user_blue_20 button.
    Reception view displays. See - Reception View.
  2. Select the slot and double click or select the Make booking button.
    The Patient Select screen displays.
  3. Select a patient. See - Select a Patient.
    Note - If you already have an active patient displayed in the patient banner, selecting a patient does not change the active patient.

    The Appointment Information booking form displays:

  4. Update the booking form as required:
      • Extend the duration.
      • Record booking information via the drop-down list.
      • Add comments relating to the appointment.
      • Add SMS Reminder consent status via the drop-down list.
      • Add Contact number for SMS reminders.
    Note - In a shared care setting, appointments for patients who are registered at an EMIS practice and no sharing agreement exists, are booked as special bookings with demographic information populated.

    See - Special Booking.

  1. Select OK to finish or select OK & Print to issue an appointment card.
    A booking confirmation message displays.

See Reception View and Sending SMS Reminders for more information.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.