Special Booking

You can make special bookings for:

  • Non-registered patient appointments.
  • Non-patient appointments, fro example, appointment with drug rep.
  • In a shared care setting, patients who are registered at an EMIS practice, and a sharing agreement is not in place, are automatically booked as special bookings with all demographic information populated.

Making a special booking:

  1. Select the Special Bookings V360Appts_star_yellow_20 button, at the top of the window.
    The Special Bookings view displays.
  2. In the Book a new appointment section, select the Organisation.
  3. Apply filters using the drop-down boxes if required.
  4. Select the Find Slots button.
    Matching slots display.

    The list of available slots is ordered by date and time ascending. If you select another column to sort by, the date and time apply as a secondary sort.

    Note - If the number of matching slots exceeds 50, the following message displays: 'There are more than 50 available slots - the first 50 only are listed here'.
  5. Double-click the slot, or select the Make booking V360Appts_calendar_pencil_16 button to book.
  6. Note - You can also book inactive slots shown with the black slot type colour.
  7. The Special Booking form displays the appointment details.
  8. V360Appts_Special_Booking_Dialog

  9. Enter the description in the Booking Description box, for example, Drug rep - Sally Walker.
  10. Optionally, record contact details In the Comment box.
  11. Select OK to finish, or OK & Print - to print a label.

    The booking confirmation message displays.

The special booking now displays in the Booked appointments section of the Special Bookings view.

The booking also displays in the Reception and Clinician List view - indicated by the Special Booking V360Appts_star_yellow_20 symbol.