Print Appointment Label - Future Appointments

An appointment label can be printed for any future appointments in the Patient's Appointments and Special Bookings views.

Note - you must have Active X installed on your pc for label printing to work.
  1. Select a patient.
    The Patient's Appointments view displays.
    Or open the Special Bookings view.
    See - Select a Patient, Special Bookings View and Patient's Appointments View.
  2. In the Booked appointments section find the appointment you want to print a label for.
  3. Select the Print V360Appts_printer_16 button.
    The Print screen displays.
  4. Select the label printer.
  5. SelectPrint.

    The following details print on the label:


      • Organisation name
      • Organisation phone number
      • Patient surname and forename or special booking description
      • Appointment day, date and time
      • Clinician/Clinic
Labels can also be printed at the time of booking. See - Book an Appointment - Patients View and Booking an Appointment - Reception View.