Edit an Appointment

You can edit patient appointments in Patient's Appointments and Reception views. To edit a special booking, see - Edit a Special Booking.

  1. In the Booked appointments section of the Patient's Appointments view, click the edit V360Appts_pencil_16 button.

    In the Reception view, highlight the appointment and click the edit V360Appts_pencil_16 button.

    The Appointment Information screen displays:
  2. Edit the booking form:
    • Extend the slot duration in the Expected Duration box.
      If the extended slot overruns any subsequent slots, you will receive a warning.
      See - Extending an Appointment Duration and Overrun Slots Warning.
    • The Revert button reverts the status from Arrived back to Booked, or from In Consultation to Arrived.
    • Add or edit a comment in the Comment box.
  3. Click on OK to make the changes.
You can also Move an appointment to the Clipboard for re-scheduling later on. See - Move Item to Clipboard.