Check Patient in

You can mark a patient as arrived from the Patient's Appointments and Reception views:

Patient's Appointments View

  1. Select a patient. See - Select a Patient.
    The Patient's Appointments view displays.
  2. Locate today's appointment in the Booked appointments list, and select the green Check In V360Appts_tick_16 button.

    The status updates to Arrived, and the confirmation message displays.

    Note - once the patient has been checked in, the check in button alongside the appointment is disabled.

The Arrived in Surgery time is recorded and displays in the Appointment Information booking screen.

Reception View

  1. Click theReception V360Appts_user_blue_20 button.
    The Reception view displays.
  2. Select the relevant organisation from the Organisation dropdown.
  3. Select the clinic/clinicians using the View button.
  4. Locate the booked appointment.
  5. Double-click the slot to check the patient in.

    The status changes to Arrived V360Appts_person_red_full_20 and the confirmation displays.