Inactivate User

  1. Open the User Details view. See - Search for a User.
  2. Remove the tick from the Status check box.

    The status changes to Inactive.

  3. Click the Save button.
    A popup displays asking for a reason for changing active status.

  4. Enter a reason for inactivating the user and click OK.

    The reason for changing the status, along with the date is displays in the User - Details view.

  5. Note - To reactivate a user, insert a tick into the Active box.
  6. Open the Service Details for your organisation. See - Search for Service.
  7. Select the User Roles view.
    The inactivated user displays with a strike through the icon.

  8. Select the X remove the user from the list.

    A popup displays.

  9. Select Yes to dissociate the user.

    The view refreshes and the user is removed from the service.