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Vision Anywhere for Windows 8 can be downloaded from the Windows store here. The Windows 7 version will be available soon.

Vision Account

  • To access Vision Anywhere you must be set up in Vision 3 as a staff member and you must have your email address entered in your staff profile in Vision Control Panel ( Addresses tab - Communication Numbers). This is usually done by a system administrator at your practice. Your email address together with the Vision 3 password are your login details for Vision Anywhere.

Vision Data Hub

  • All data displayed in Vision Anywhere is provided via Vision Data Hub (previously known as Vision 360). You need to have approved your data being streamed to Vision Data Hub before you can use Vision Anywhere. For practices in Scotland where your Health Board has not yet implemented a data hub solution, you will need to purchase Practice Access in order to use Vision Anywhere.

Windows Version

  • Vision Anywhere Windows is compatible with any devices running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and above. Note that Windows RT is not supported.

Shared Care/Federative Working with Vision Anywhere

  • Vision Anywhere Windows allows for shared care access to patient records within your organisation. This offers similar functionality to practice orientated Vision Anywhere with additional features to facilitate cross-organisational working. Please contact Vision for further information.

Internet Connectivity

  • The minimum requirement for connectivity is 3G. Wi-Fi is recommended for faster connectivity.