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What's New

Vision Anywhere 2.0

  • QOF Care reminders - We have now introduced patient QOF alerts to Vision Anywhere. This means that you are now alerted to any missing QOF data when you access the patient record. From the alert, you can then continue to add the associated data, medication or patient exemption. See How do I know if the patient has any outstanding QOF indicators?
  • Choice of Appointment Book - You can now select any appointment book from your practice list. This is especially useful if you have clinic appointment books. See How do I login to Vision Anywhere?
  • Appointments Status Enhancements - Appointment lists now show coloured slot types as per your Vision 3 Appointments list. See Appointments
  • Booking follow-up appointments - You can now search and book follow-up appointments from the Appointments and Patient details screen. See How do I book a follow-up appointment?
  • Federative working - You can now use Vision Anywhere in a federative care setting using Windows devices. This means that you can access all patients within your federative organisation. Vision Anywhere allows you to.
    • Search all patients being shared with your service including patients registered at EMIS practices.

    • Record Patient Consent

    • Access shared appointments list
    • Print/re-print an acute prescription - Windows 7 only

    • View and record data for all patients (Vision and EMIS)

    See FAQs - Using Vision Anywhere in a Shared Care Setting

Vision Anywhere 1.6

  • Select other appointment books - You can now choose different appointment books other than your own when signing into Vision Anywhere.
  • Enhanced Appointments View - The Appointments lists now display more information about each appointment, the associated patient and free slots.
  • Enhanced Patient Search - Patient information now shows more details about each patient and their practice.
  • Tiled and Tabbed Views - You can now switch between tiled and tabular views of patient search results and explore a patient’s demographic details from within the search results view.
  • Docman Attachments included in Correspondence - You can now view a broader range of document types that have been attached to a patient’s record, including Docman attachments.
  • Drug Dictionary Browser for Allergies - Ability to use the drug browser when recording drug allergies.
  • Bug fixes and refinements to existing features.

Vision Anywhere 1.5

  • Repeat Medication Enhancements - Vision Anywhere now supports, Issuing, Re-authorisation, Restarting and Stopping of repeat medications.

  • Encounter Management Improvements - It is now easier to understand when a patient still has an open encounter on your device.

  • Enhancements to Prescriber Warnings and Decision Support for acute and repeat prescriptions.

  • Sign In - Improvements to the app sign-in experience and support for changed passwords.

  • Terminology Searching - Improved performance of terminology searching when adding entries to an encounter.

  • Data Removal - Making it clearer when expired data has been removed from the device.

  • Various bug fixes.

Vision Anywhere 1.4

  • Improved data entry screens.

  • Prescribing decision support for medication management.
  • Full Repeat prescription management (initially new repeats/reauthorising/reissuing).