How do I log in?

  1. From your Windows device, tap or double click the Vision Anywhere button.
  2. The first time you login need to select your country. To do this select Change. Vision Anywhere will remember this selection the next time you login.

  1. Select Continue.
  2. Now carefully enter your user name and password.
    If you are a Vision 3 user, you must have your email address entered in your staff profile in Vision Control Panel ( Addresses tab - Communication Numbers). This is usually done by a system administrator at your practice
    If you are using Vision Anywhere in a shared care environment, this will be set up by your system administrator.
  3. Select Sign In.
  4. Next you are given the option to select an appointments book which determines which appointments are displayed in your Vision Anywhere session. For instance, you can select your name to see appointments assigned to you or a specific appointments book for minor surgery for example. This depends on the way your practice uses appointments. You can also choose to sign in without a specific appointments book.

  1. Now select Sign In to display the Vision Anywhere home screen.

Please also see the video tutorial Logging in and Homescreen (2.40)