Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials offer a quick overview of the app and specific tasks. Click on to watch the videos in full screen.

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Important - For practices using Aeros, you must watch the videos on your local desktop. To do this copy and paste the url for this web page into your local browser. Local health board restrictions may also affect access.


Windows Overview Video (7.31)

Vision Anywhere in a Shared Care Setting (5.16)

Logging in and Home Screen (2.40)

Navigating the patient record (1.57)

An Overview of the Home Screen (1.23)

Viewing my Appointments for Today (1.11)

An Searching for a patient (1.15)

Downloading Patients (0.40)

An Follow-up Appointments (1.18)

Viewing a patient record (2.01)

Starting a New Encounter (2.21)

Searching a Patient's Record (0.57)

Care Reminders (0.52)

Adding Medication (1.14)

Issuing Repeats (0.47)

Prescribing Decision Support (1.44)

Reauthorise Repeats (1.23)

Stopping and Restarting Repeats (1.09)

Filtering a Patient's Record (0.57)

Viewing Past and Present Appointments (0.39)

Calling Patients and Marking as Seen (1.37)

What's New in Vision Anywhere 2.3 (0.58)