Search for a Patient

Note - To select patients outside of your booked appointments list, you must be connected to the internet.
  1. From the Vision Anywhere Home screen tap or click in the Search for a Patient box.

  2. Enter the first few letters of the patient's surname and forename with a space in between and select search button.

    eg smi cli to search for Clifford Smith.

    You can also search for patients by:
      • Date of Birth
      • Postcode
      • NHS/CHI Number
      • Combination of surname and year of birth

  3. Matching patients are displayed along with their date of birth, age, gender and NHS/CHI number.
    If you are using Vision Anywhere in a shared care setting, you can see the patient's registered practice on the patient detail tile.

If a patient does not have an NHS Number, this is indicated by NHS None.

Note - Patients who were transferred out prior to your data synchronisation with Vision Anywhere cannot be accessed.
Federations can only access records for applied and permanent patients.
  1. You can view your returned patients as a detailed list by selecting the list button.

  2. Select the required patient to view their record and start an encounter.

See - Patient Summary and Encounters.