Filtering the Patient's Record

You can filter the data in Vision Anywhere to display specific items such as blood pressure and smoking. You can also add date filters onto all of the views.

1. Select the Options button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Or right click on the screen to display the app bars.

2. Select the Filter button.

3 - Choose which items you want to view.

Note - The categories change depending on which part of the record you are currently using.

This table tells you what categories are available for the patient record screens.

View Date Filter Filter Categories
Clinical Record Browser Yes Encounters - Medical History - Medication
Allergies - Lifestyle and Examinations
Test Results - Immunisations
Correspondence - Other
Encounters Yes None
Medical History Yes Problems – Diagnoses – Procedures
Family History – Referrals
Requests - Other
Allergies Yes Drug allergies - Non-drug allergies



Blood pressure - Height and Weight
Peak flow – Pulse - Pulse Oximetry
Respiratory Rate – Temperature
Visual Acuity – Alcohol – Smoking
All Examinations - All Lifestyle

Test Results Yes None
Immunisations Yes None
Correspondence Yes Incoming correspondence
Outgoing correspondence
Note - If you are in the Medical History view and remove the tick next to problems, you will still see the problem term in the view as the clinical term exists outside of the problem.