Patient Summary

The Patient Summary screen gives a snapshot of all the essential clinical information you need.

You can scroll or swipe across the screen to see all the headings.

Care Reminders

  • The screen shows a list of QOF data that needs to be recorded for the patient. Initially QOF category headings are displayed eg Cardiovascular disease.
    You can select the category heading to see the specific QOF indicator data that needs recording eg blood pressure and continue to record the relevant data or dissent as appropriate.

See - Care Reminders.


  • ­New Encounter - Select to create a new encounter and add data for the selected patient.
  • Last Encounter - Displays the date, type, data recorded and clinician for the selected patient's last encounter.­
  • ­Encounters in progress - Displays open/unsynchronised encounters for the selected patient.
  • Encounters> Heading - Select to see all previous encounters/consultations.

See - Encounters.

Medical History

  • ­Significant Diagnoses - Priority 1 & 2 medical histories and Problem headers.
  • ­Significant Operations - Priority 1 medical histories in Read chapter 7.
  • Medical History> Heading - Select to see all medical history entries.

See - Medical History.


  • ­Active Repeats - All active repeat medication.
  • ­Acutes - Last 2 years of acute medication.
  • Medication> Heading - Select to see all medication entries.

See - Medication.


  • All the patients recorded drug and non-drug allergies.
  • If the patient has allergies recorded the Known Allergies alert is displayed in the patient information banner at the top of the screen.

See - Allergies.

Lifestyle and Examinations

  • Last recorded lifestyle and examination entry displayed in tile format for easy viewing.
  • Lifestyle and Examinations> Heading - Select to see all entries in list format.

See - Lifestyle & Examinations.

Test Results

  • Last 3 months of test results.
  • Test Results> Heading - Select to see all entries in the last 2 years.

See - Test Results.


  • All recorded immunisations.
  • Immunisation> Heading - Select to view all entries.

See - Immunisations.


  • Displays the last 3 months correspondence.
  • Correspondence> Heading - Select to view all correspondence entries.

See - Correspondence.

Note - Correspondence entries are currently only available when online and for practices who also use Vision Anywhere alongside Vision 3.


  • Displays the patients registered and usual GP, the patient's address and telephone number. From here you can also navigate to a map, email or telephone the patient direct.

See - Patient Demographics.

Clinical Records Browser

  • Accessed by right clicking in the Patient Summary.
  • Tap the arrow on the Patient Summary to view the Clinical Records Browser which shows all entries on the patient record in chronological order.

See - Clinical Record Browser.

Navigation Menu

Right click anywhere on the Patient Summary screen to access:

  • Home - Takes you back to the Vision Anywhere Home screen.
  • Appointments - Takes you to your detailed appointment list for the next 7 days. You can book a follow-up appointment from here if required.
  • Patient Summary Categories - Click on the arrow to all the categories mentioned above plus a Clinical Records Browser which displays all recorded patient data in reverse chronological order.
  • Refresh - Updates the patient record with any changes made outside of Vision Anywhere since the patient was selected.