Recording Medication

The dynamic data entry bar can be used to select a drug. A combination of drug name and strength can be used to refine the selection.

  1. Enter part of the drug name, additional data can be added to reduce the number of results ie - strength or form.
  2. Note - a minimum of 3 characters are needed to return matches.

  3. The following symbols next to the drug indicate:

      • - Branded drug
      • - Discontinued drug
  4. Select drug from the list, which launches the Medication Add form.
    Alternatively select the Add Medication button which displays the form and allows you to enter the drug name directly.

      • Drug Name - If not already populated from the data entry bar, enter the keyword for the item you require. An intelligent search is displayed as you type showing the matching results from the drug dictionary. Select the required drug.
      • Decision Support / Prescriber Warnings - Warnings in the form of drug doubling, contraindications, interactions and precautions are displayed on the right of the screen when the item is selected.
        If there are buttons next to the warnings ie for Drug Doubling and for contraindications and precautions, you can select them to see any patient data that has triggered the warning.
        Entries with no buttons are generic warnings.
        Prescriber warnings displayed depend on your Prescribing Preferences settings.
      • You must have an internet connection for prescriber warnings to display.
        If you do not have an internet connection you are warned that decision support is unavailable.
      • Drug Class - You can search for a drug using the drug class option next to the drug name box .Once you have selected a drug, the drug class is displayed.
        Some drugs can belong to more than one drug class, however this cannot be changed in Vision Anywhere at the moment.

      • Dosage and Frequency - The defaults are populated for you from the drug dictionary. Practice default dosages are not populated here at present.

      • Preparation - Completed in conjunction with the selected drug.

      • Quantity - The default drug quantity for the item is populated. Change as required.

      • Repeat prescription - If you would like the item to be added as a repeat, enter the number of repeats required in the box. You can optionally complete the Repeat Until date and tick the create an acute box which adds a separate acute prescription to the record.

  5. Select Save to add the item to the patient record. You may see a summary of the Decision Support Warnings. Select Prescribe.
  6. The item(s) are now added to your current encounter.

Please also see the video tutorial Video Tutorials