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April 2020 - Vision Appointments Setup Release v2.3

Vision Appointments Setup release v2.3 contains the following updates:

Vision Appointments

  • Open Vision Appointments - You can now open the Vision Appointments app from within Vision Appointments Setup, right click on any session and select View in Vision Appointments.

Vision Appointments Setup

  • GP Connect functionality - Vision Appointments Setup release v2.3 introduces the ability to share your appointment slots with trusted third parties, for example NHS111.
See GP Connect Appointments for details.
  • Import/Export Session Templates - To enable you to share Session Templates across different practices, you can now import and export them from Vision Appointments Setup.
  • Ad-Hoc Book Management - From the Extension Plan screen, you can access Ad-Hoc Book Management screen for either:
    • Edit Live Appointment Books, or
    • Right click on owner and select Manage appointments

      From the Ad-Hoc Book Management screen, you can now:

      • Customise the view enabling you to see multiple days for multiple clinicians to facilitate the copying on moving of sessions without having to change screens. Simply select Add or remove book owners, select the initial book owner and select a date from the calendar. Repeat these steps until all the book owners with session you wish to copy or move display on the Ad-Hoc Book Management screen.
      • Differentiate between Moving and Copying a session to a different day, time or book owner:
        • To Copy - When you hold the Control key (Ctrl), and drag and drop a session a blank session is copied to the new day, time and owner
        • To Move - When you simply drag and drop a session, it is moved complete with any appointment bookings to the new day, time and owner
      • Change the Time intervals from 5 minute to 60 minute increments allowing you more control over the times you set your session to start. Simply select the time required:

        This setting is saved for future use ad-hoc changes.

      • When you access the Ad-Hoc Book Management screen from, Extension plan - Right click on owner and select Manage appointments, you can now select the current or any future week, simply select the Calendar and choose the date required.
      • The session information displayed on the Ad-Hoc Book Management screen displays and updates as appointments are booked:

      Note - Where a session is too short to display the information, hover your mouse over the session to display it.
  • Slot Utilisation - When you select Get counts , your slot utilisation is now calculated for all scheduled sessions, not just those on a weekly template.
  • Smarter Searches:
    • You can now type to search on the Sessions and Slot Types lists. A smart search returns the items as you type.
    • The following lists now have a Sort (A-Z) option to display the data in alphabetical order:
      • Cancellation reasons
      • Slot Types
      • Session Types
      • Sessions


  • Services - Appointments relies on a connection to your Vision 3 services, you can now see the status of your services at a glance in the top right corner of your screen:
    • The green light indicates you are connected.
    • The red light indicates a problem with your connection.

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