National Slot Categorisation


Appointments Setup National Slot Categorisation Video (3:30)

National Slot Categorisation is a requirement from NHS England to align the slot types in use in your Appointments system with an agreed set of national slot categories. You are required to map all slot types to a national slot category.

To assist in mapping your Slot Types, there are now four options under Slot Types in the Appointments Setup menu:

Until you map your Slot Types to valid National Slot Categories the following message displays "One or more Slot type does not have a valid National Slot Category - Please update the Slot type 'mappings'." when category mapping is required:

Note - This will not stop you using existing slot types however on creation slot types need to be mapped to a category.

National Slot Categories are maintained by NHS Digital and are updated periodically. When categories are added, updated or inactivated you receive a file to import.

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