What's New?

March 2021 - Appointments Setup 3.1

Appointments Setup release 3.1 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • National Slot Categorisation - In England National Slot Categorisation is being introduced by NHS Digital, to align the slot types in Appointments Setup with an agreed set of national slot categories. You are required to map all slot types to a national slot category.

    Important - Only available to users on release DLM 800 or later.
    See National Slot Categorisation for more information.
  • SMS Messages - This release introduces the ability to automatically send SMS (text) messages, from Appointments, to patients, keeping them advised of any appointment bookings, updates or cancellations.

    See SMS Messaging (Shared Care) for more information on using SMS Messaging in Appointments Setup.
    See SMS Messaging for more information on using SMS Messaging in Appointments.
  • Sessions - Session names can now be a maximum of 30 characters, and you can add a description of up to an additional 500 characters. This additional information displays fully in a tooltip when viewing a session in the Reception View:

    See Creating a Session for more information.

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