Downloading and Importing Local Guidelines

New Guideline are being created all the time and shared between practices. For example, there are QOF guidelines for the nGMS Contract.

Guideline to download are available from Guidelines, these are updated regularly so it is worth keeping an eye on updates.

Remember - All local Guideline are editable so you can always adapt them for your own use.

To download a Guideline:

  1. From Guidelines, find the Guideline you require and click on the .exe file.
  2. You may see a prompt at the bottom of your screen, select Run.
  3. A Security Warning screen may display, select Open.
  4. The WinZip Self-Extractor screen displays, do not change the destination, select Unzip.
  5. The unzipped successfully screen displays, select OK.
  6. The Import Guideline Wizard starts, each Guideline has different requirements, follow the on-screen instructions to download and import the guideline.

The Guideline should now be ready for editing or for use.


Downloading and Importing a Guideline (3.19)