Issuing Repeat Prescriptions

To issue a repeat prescription:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select the patient and start a consultation if required.
Note - If you are a non-clinician issuing repeat scripts and this is a new consultation, keep the consultation statistics accurate by changing the Consultation Type to Repeat Issue.
  1. Select List Repeat Therapy .
  2. Tick the medications you want to issue, or select Select All

Training Tip - You can use Select All and then remove the tick if you want to issue all bar one or two repeats on a patient record.
  1. Press <F9>, Print or Finalise (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) Close (Scotland) to issue.
  2. Check the Doctor to Sign Prescription is correct, if not update as required.
  3. Press <F9>, Print or Finalise (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) Close (Scotland) to print.

If the requested item(s) is not shown - Select Filter Expired Repeats and Filter Inactive Repeats to give a list of valid repeats (leave Filter Valid repeats undepressed).

Note - PRN items print on a separate prescription, provided you have switched this option on in Management Tools - Control Panel - File Maintenance.

If the required items are still not shown there may be an expired item that needs reauthorising.

Repeat Master Icons

  • Valid repeat master - Can be issued
  • Expired repeat master - Needs reauthorising
  • Inactivated repeat master
  • Prescribed outside of the practice
  • Batch repeat master