Using your Appointments List

To view your Appointments list and call the next patient:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select the Appointments tab or Appointment List .
  2. Your appointment book displays by default. If the list you require does not display, select it from the available list to the right of Booked only and the appointment list, for the current time of day, displays.

  3. Double click on the patient you wish to call, this brings up their patient record. If the patient selected has not been checked in, a message displays warning you the patient has not arrived, select either:

    • Yes - To select the patient, or
    • No - To cancel the selection

    If you are using an appointment call display system, select Call Patient or right click and select Call Patient to open the patient record and call the patient in.

  4. Once the patient is selected, start a consultation if required, see Starting a Consultation.

To refresh your Appointments List, select Refresh .