Generating a Referral/Request Letter

Note - Any text you wish to copy and paste into the letter you are generating, must be copied before you start this process, see Copying Text to Paste into a Letter for details.

To generate either a Referral or Request letter:

  1. From either the Referral - Add or Request - Add screens complete the details required and then select Letter.
  2. The Select Referral Template to Open screen displays, select the template required and then select Open.
  3. The selected letter displays with the merge fields automatically populated.
  4. Update the letter as required, for example, entering any additional text, or pasting text copied to the Windows clipboard before starting the letter using <Control+V>.
  5. Once you have finished updating the letter:
    • Select Print or File - Print to print it.
    • If you want to send the letter by email, select File - Send To - Mail Recipient (as Attachment) and then OK. Complete the email message in the usual way and then select Send.
    • To view the content of a letter in the patient record, without opening the letter, you can simply copy (<Control+C>) and paste (<Control+V>) the content of the letter into Notes for Referrals or Details for Requests.
  6. Select Close and the letter is automatically saved to the patient record and Letter is marked with a red tick .

To generate a letter after the original entry is made:

  1. Locate the entry from the patient record and right click on it.
  2. Select Edit and the Referral/Request entry displays.
  3. Select Letter and continue as above.
  4. For details on creating mail merge letters see Setting up Template Letters.